Green Living

Why choose a Master Builders Green Living Builder?

Builders who complete the training and adopt sustainable innovations in their operations are Master Builders Green Living Builders. Lane Building Contractors are the first builders in the Wimmera to offer these added benefits to home builders and it gives them the ability to build more sustainable homes for their clients.

Benefits for you

You will have a builder who is recognized for their leadership in the delivery of high quality sustainable solutions.

You will reap the personal and financial rewards of pursuing sustainable options that can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

You will have a home that has been constructed by a professional that is skilled in the design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures and who adopts industry best practice for sustainability in the built environment.

Benefits for the environment

Lane Building Contractors is able to offer sustainable solutions to their clients to assist their clients through:

Project planning – for better design and constructed dwellings

Passive solar efficient design considerations

On site management – waste management, erosion and sediment control

Framing and structure – materials selection, for example Lane Building Contractors only use plantation timbers to help stop the destruction of forests

Building envelope – insulation, glazing, materials selection, embodied energy, eg by building with timber frames harvested from plantations the energy impacts on the world are far reduced compared to that required to make steel frames

Water conservation

Energy conservation

Interior fit out – materials selection, embodied energy, indoor air quality

Award Winning Green Living Builders

LBC places emphasis on it’s recycling program – this has been acknowledged with LBC being awarded the Victorian Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Award 2010 – Towards Zero Waste Award and the Wimmera Mail-Times Horsham Tidy Towns Awards 2010 – Towards Zero Waste Award.